Hair It Is Barbershop



Where Style
Meets Community

Hair It Is Barbershop is a vibrant unisex salon based in Boston that opened for business in 1995. We specialize in haircuts, shape-ups, designs, shaves, braids, and loc maintenance. As a black-owned small business, we take pride in being one of the city’s top destinations for all your hair needs.

Hair It Is was originally founded by Neil Decoteau (1995), who hails from the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago. Keeping the business in the family, Danny Decoteau assumed ownership and management in 2011. Over the past decade, Danny has given Hair It Is a complete digital makeover by investing in branding, designing this website, and using online channels to communicate with customers and broaden reach.

Additionally, barbershops hold a significant influence that often goes unnoticed. They serve as a gathering place where conversations flow, starting from a young age and continuing into adulthood.

  • This website aims to be a central hub for trending information, including the latest hairstyles, appointment booking, hair treatment advice, product recommendations, barbershop reviews, updates on current events, and helpful How-To guides.

  • We understand that everyone’s schedules can get busy. By offering increased access to the Hair It Is conversation, we believe we can provide added value to both new and existing customers, fostering new connections and creating anticipation for future visits.